An Dichotomous Key to Species of Hymetta

1. Aedeagus with one pair of ventral processes; processes well separated from shaft.


1'. Aedeagus with two pairs of ventral processes; processes placed close to shaft.


2(1). Aedeagus with distal processes.


2'. Aedeagus without distal processes.

H. kansasensis Fairbairn

3(2). Aedeagus ventral processes evenly curved in lateral view; distal processes broad in lateral view.

H. balteata McAtee

3'. Aedeagus ventral processes S-curved in lateral view; distal processes narrow in lateral view.

H. anthisma McAtee

4(1). Aedeagus ventral processes narrow, shorter than shaft; shaft curved dorsad in lateral view.

H. trifasciata Say

4'. Aedeagus ventral processes as long or longer than shaft; one pair much broader than another; shaft straight in lateral view.

H. arizoniana Fairbairn