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Up to date database of the cicadas superfamily Cicadoidea (by A. Sanborn & D. Dmitriev). Input name or part of the name to make a search.
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Available databases

  • Auchenorrhyncha database (D. Dmitriev)
  • Cicadellinae database (D. Takiya & D. Dmitriev)
  • Deltocephalinae database (J. Zahniser)
  • Megophthalminae database (A.C. Gonçalves)
  • Cicadoidea database (A. Sanborn & D. Dmitriev)
  • North American Fulgoroidea database (S. Wilson & L. O'Brien)
  • Delphacidae database (C. Bartlett)
  • Aphididae database (D. Lagos-Kutz)
  • Illinois Insect Species in Greatest Need of Conservation database
  • Phalacridae database (M. Gimmel)
  • Curculionidae database (N. Yunakov)
  • Parachorius database (S. Tarasov)
Last updated: November 21, 2019